User-friendly communication and planning in the cloud, to make building and renovating a pleasure again.

Satisfied customers lead to higher revenues by positive references.

Clear communication through BuildEye results in cost saving and a higher customer satisfaction.


Efficient project planning with BuildEye ensures transparency and a higher customer satisfaction.


Private client

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Construction professionals

Private client
Monitor your construction project
For private individualsTry now
Private client
Monitor your construction project closely
Communicate with all those involved
Give feedback on executed tasks
Send pictures to point out what you want
Access to the most recent construction plans
Construction professionals
For simple projects without other subcontractors
For subcontractorsTry now
Specialist and subcontractors
Manage your assignments easily
Communicate with the client
Send pictures to show your work
Send and receive files like plans or invoices
Regular support

1 client per project, no other subcontractors.


Construction professional
For complex construction projects with multiple parties involved
Professional | Constractor | Architect | Project manager
Manage your projects easily, even on the go
Communicate with all the involved parties
Send pictures from your smartphone
Send and receive files like plans or invoices.
Premium support

Unlimited amount of projects
Unlimited amount of subcontractors
Unlimited amount of involved parties


Construction entreprices
Configurated to meet your needs
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Banks | Real Estate | Construction companies
All advantages of professional plan
Integration with all your software (ERP,CRM,…)
Possibility to personalize BuildEye to meet your look and feel
Dedicated support manager
Other options negotiable

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General Director

David Van der Auwera

 Marketing & Sales Director

Jeroen Dille

Operations Director

Tim Clijmans

Financial Director

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